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 Mandatory evacuations underway after brush fire explodes
 이** (jean)



Hundreds were forced from their homes as a wildfire burned out of control 

about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. 



Breaking story overnight. Hundreds of people forced from their homes from 

a wildfire burning out of control about 80 miles east of Los Angeles,

ABC's Zorin Shaw has more. Overnight in california uncontained inferno.

Hundreds of firefighters battling the apple fire as it burns through Cherry Valley,

east of Los Angeles. Helicopters and ground crews working to contain the 

flames now covering almost 2 thousand acres .The fire which started as two 

smaller brush fires friday afternoon merging into one massive blaze overnight. 

Embers coming dangerously close to homes, several barns, and other structures

already destroyed and a mandatory evacuation order in place for residents as 

officials scramble to clear the area. We just got alerted that uh, we have to

evacuate right now. It's crazy smokey we're trying to find a hotel right now 

called several .They're all booked up the fire so far zero percent contained.

Still a very dangerous scene fire crews are telling people they should stay 

evacuated until the fire is containe some level of containment is expected by

at least tomorrow morning. Wildfire season getting underway Zarine shot for us 

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1. What is a wildfire? 

2. What is your opinion regarding on forcing people from their home.

3. What should we do to stop wildfire nowadays.

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