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 Do COVID-19 symptoms show up in any order?
 이** (jean)



Answers to viewers’ coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton. 



Well Dr Ashton, let's turn to you. And let's turn to the questions that our viewers

keep coming one here is, Do COVID-19 symptoms appear in any specific order? 

Great question. The short answer is no. And, there is a wide range of 

symptomatology but first the most important COVID-9 factois that people need 

to remember 40 to 45 percent of cases no symptoms at all. That's why this

virus is such a problem but again in terms of symptoms think head to toe.

You can have a severe headache. You can have fatigue. You can have 

GI symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, more common generally in kids and

teenagers but adults can have that too, and then cough fever body aches

i mean it really runs the gamut. Wow , I still can't get over the 40 to 45 with

no symptoms. Wow !And loss of smell and taste is a common one, right?

If you are currently infected with COVID-19, can you get the vaccine to help

you fight it and prevent spreading or re-infection? Short answer no, not at

this point but the concept here behind this question question is a great one

they're talking about the way that the vaccine works to prime your immune 

system, what we're seeing in terms of a therapy is monoclonal antibodies.

It basically does what the vaccine does monoclonal antibodies are given to

people who are sick to reduce their symptoms and hopefully prevent them 

from transmitting it to others, both immune therapy is really important.

You use really big words Doc, okay. Okay! That’s a small one.

I'm here myself. Oh, you can also keep submitting your questions to 

Dr. Jen on her Instagram @DRJASHTON. Well hey there GMA fans, 

Robin Roberts here. Thanks for checking out our YouTube channel.

Lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over,

right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from 

GMA every day, anytime. We thank you for watching and 

we'll see you in the morning on GMA. 



1. Do COVID-19 symptoms appear in any specific order? Why or why not?

2. If you were currently infected with COVID-19, could you get the vaccine to 

   help you fight it and prevent spreading or re-infection? Explain your answer. 

3. How helpful is this information to you?yes

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