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 Man suspected of attacking Asian-American woman in New York arrested and charged with hate crime
 이** (jean)



The man suspected of violently attacking a 65-year-old Asian-American woman

in New York on March 29, 2021, was arrested and faces multiple hate crime 

charges.Brandon Elliot, 38, was caught on surveillance footage beating and

repeatedly stomping on Vilma Kari as she was walking to church on Monday,

police said.The suspect is a parolee convicted of murdering his mother in 2002, 

according to officials. 



The man suspected of attacking an Asian woman in New York faces multiple

hate crime charges. Brandon Elliot, 38, was on parole for killing his mother in 

2002,police said. Security footage shows Elliot beating and stomping on

65-year-old Vilma Kari on March 29. Dermot Shea: The individual we have 

arrested in this horrific case,38 year old Brandon Elliott, is charged with a

completely unprovoked violent attack on an innocent, defenseless woman. 

You've all seen the video. Let me reiterate,we will never accept or tolerate

hate or violence of any kind in our great city. it goes against every fiber of 

who we are. Elliot was released on lifetime parole in 2019 after serving 

17 years in prison. He faces up to 25 years in jail in addition to other parole

related consequences, police said. Dermot Shea: The defendant, Mr Elliott, 

is accused of brutally shoving, kicking, and stomping a 65 year old mother to 

the ground after telling her that she didn't belong here. So let me join the 

commissioner in being clear.This brave woman belongs. here Asian-American

New Yorkers belong here. Everyone belongs here. Attacks against

Asian-American New Yorkers are attacks against all New Yorkers. and our 

office will continue to stand against hate in all its forms. Kari, 

who is of Filipino descent, suffered a fractured pelvis, an official said. 

The lobby workers shown on the surveillance did not appear to have intervened.

Bill de Blasio:That horrendous video that we all saw yesterday, I don't understand 

if someone you know hears a an older woman being kicked on the ground, 

someone needs to do something, and again, whether it is screaming out,

whether it's calling 911,whether it's you know trying to get the assailant to 

move away whatever it is,uh it's a choice people have to make and I always

want people to be smart and careful. But that was just horrifying to watch 

you know someone standing right there and turning away rather than trying 

some form of intervention. The company that owns the building said it is 

investigating its employees' response.It also reportedly said that the workers

had flagged down a police officer after the attack. The assault came as reports

of anti-Asian attacks increased across the US.Hate crimes targeting Asians rose

by almost 150% in 2020 in 16 major cities,an analysis found. New York saw the

largest surge from 3 cases in 2019 to 28 in 2020, according to the report. 

President Joe Biden announced a set of actions to counter anti-Asian violence 

on March 30. They include a cross-agency initiative respond to hate crimes 

against Asian-Americas. 



1. Who was the attacker? What was his crime history? 

2. What did the building's employees do after the woman was attacked? 

3. How much hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans in major cities?

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