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 Pancakes, Pancakes
 이** (jean)



How is a pancake made? Start with harvesting the wheat and end with cook

it in a pan. Jack can't wait to eat the pancake his mother made. 



Pancakes, pancakes. Written and illustrated by Eric Carl Kee-ke-ri-kee!

A rooster crowed. Jack woke up and thought, “I want a pancake”. 

Jack said to his mother, “Can I have a pancake?” “You can help me make it, 

“said his mother. “First we need some flour. ““Cut some wheat, please. 

Then take it to the mill to grind into flour. “So jack cut the wheat. 

Then he went to the miller. Jack asked him to grind the wheat. First they had 

to beat the grain from the wheat. “Now we will grind the grain to make the flour,

“said the miller. Jack helped the miller to make the flour. Then he took the

flour home. “Can we make a pancake?” Asked jack. “Now we need an egg.

“Said his mother. So jack got an egg from the hen house. “Can we make

a pancake?” Asked jack. “Now we need some milk.” said his mother. 

So jack milked the cow. “Can we make a pancake?” Asked jack. 

“Now we need some butter. “Said his mother. So jack churned some butter. 

“Can we make a pancake?” Asked jack. “now we need to make a fire.“

said his mother. So jack got some firewood. “Can we make a pancake?” 

Asked jack. asked jack. “Now we need some jam. “Said his mother. 

So jack got some strawberry jam. “Can we make a pancake?” Asked jack.

“Yes.” Said his mother. So jack and his mother mixed everything in a bowl. 

They put some butter in a hot pan. “Jack, now put some batter in the pan,

“said jack's mother. Jack’s mother cooked the pancake. then she flipped it.

The pancake flew up high it landed in the pan. Jack’s mother put the pancake

on a plate and gave it to jack. Jack said, “Mama, I know what to do now.” 



1. What does Jack want to eat?

2. Enumerate the ingridrients needed to make a pancake. 

3. How did Jack and his mother make a pancake?

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