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 The Organized Life
 이** (jean)



This story presents the relationship between mother and son through the son 

solving the issue of not being able to control himself from organizing everything in life. 



Okay, Here is the thing: I am an organized person. too organized.

To the point of obsession. I demand that everything is flawless. Why you ask? 

My mother taught me to be organized, I need to straighten this up, no wrinkles.

Make It This Way, Yes. I’ve tried living as you taught me. I was under the firm

belief that everything, Including me, had to be perfect. Like my mom always said,

“Being Perfect is great, isn’t it?” (Chinese Accent) I wanted to believe in her 

words, Yet still wondered: But why do I love things that are not organized?

Are the stars in the sky just a jumbled mess? This question lingers and makes 

me doubt what I know about perfection. “Life can never be perfect.”(whispering)

Eh...Mom! I thought my life had to be perfect. You lied to me. Didn’t you? Ehn?

I am learning that life in its simplest form is, taking responsibility for everything.

Do not blame anyone because life itself is a jumbled mess. My mom wanted

perfection in her life, but she was never content. For me to accomplish 

contentment, my life requires a little imperfection. This is a gift to myself

 I will be responsible for the quality of it. My life has begun. 



1. Narrate how organize the man in the video.

2. What do you think is the meaning of this phrase, "Life can never be perfect?" 

   Do you agree? Why or why not?

3. What are some of the pros and cons of being a perfectionist?

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