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 이** (jean)



Miss Spider fans will delight in her latest picture book that revisits her first day 

of life when she pops out of her egg and discovers that her mother is nowhere 

to be found, but kindly Betty the Beetle gladly steps in to be a mother to the

orphaned little spider. 



welcome to read it again please subscribe to my channel by clicking on that 

subscribe button below hope you enjoy this book little miss spider by David Kirk

little miss spider popped out of her egg swinging down from a thread she hung 

on by one leg watching brothers and sisters all scooting for cover she dangled

there wondering where is my mother did she squeezed out a hole or dive

underwater why don't you come out here and meet her new daughter she climbed 

to the tippity top of a tree gazing out on the world she sobbed where could mom

be a Beatle named Betty buzzed by this high perch a child needs a mother may

I please help you search I don't know for sure but I offer this clue if I were your

mom I'd be looking for you they flew through the trees spying down from the

sky and asked all the butterflies fluttering by but none of the insects they 

happened upon had any idea where her mother had Gone she then asked 

a small spider as plump as a pig have you seen my mom she's like me only

big the sly spider laughed as he gobbled his snack up there is a mother who's 

yellow and black with a heart full of joy she peered over the straw but it wasn't

her mother that Miss spider saw it was six hungry hatchlings and a goldfinch who 

cried your dinner's here darling so open up wide before she could blink she was

whisked out of sight and brain beetle betty was hugging her tight in her warm

cozy home in the bark of a tree the kind beetle asked won't you stay here with

me then miss fighter smiled and held Betty fast I looked for my mom and I found

you at last for finding your mother there's one certain test you must look for the 

creature who loves you the best that and thank you so much for listening and 

following along if you like this book please give it a thumbs up and come back 

soon to read it again



1. What is this story about? 

2. Who is Betty? Tell us more about her.

3. Do you like spiders? Why or why not?

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