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 Another fish caught off Fukushima waters with higher than permitted levels of caesium
 이** (jean)



A fish recently caught in waters off Fukushima prefecture was found to have

high levels of radioactivity.



*ANCHOR: A fish recently caught in waters off Fukushima Prefecture was found 

to have high levels of radioactivity. This comes despite Japan announcing plans

to release contaminated water into the sea.South Korea's foreign minister clarified

again, that Tokyo must come up with sufficient scientific evidence that validates 

safety. Here's Kim Dami with the details. REPORTER: Another fish contaminated

with radiation was caught in waters off Japan's Fukushima Prefecture earlier this

month. Japan's Asahi Shimbun reported Tuesday the black rockfish had

two-point-seven times above the permitted levels of radioactive caesium. 

The latest finding also comes just a week after Tokyo dropped the bombshell

that it is going to dump Fukushima wastewater into the ocean. Reaffirming 

Seoul's opposition to the decision, South Korea's foreign ministry said Tuesday

it will address Tokyo's decision through multilateral channels... 

including the International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations and World 

Health Organization. The ministry added that it will actively pour all efforts into

making sure there can be scientific and objective verification which is convincing

to the international community. And clarifying Seoul's stance, foreign minister 

Chung Eui-yong once again urged that Tokyo should present scientific evidence

that guarantees the health and safety of the Korean people....

adding that in future it should consult Seoul in advance. FM Chung also made it 

clear that experts from Seoul should be able to participate in the IAEA's safety

verification process.Also in Tuesday's parliamentary session, Chung said that 

Seoul is still reviewing whether to take Japan back to the International Tribunal 

for the Law of the Sea.While other countries including China, Russia and 

Singapore have also voiced deep concerns, the release is expected to be

a big blow to neighboring countries including Taiwan's big fishing industry in

Keelung city. Noting that the U.S. is the only country in favor of the disposal,

Chung said Seoul has asked Washington to clarify and to present scientific 

evidence regarding its claims that Tokyo's decision was made in a transparent

way. Washington is yet to give a clear response. 



1. What was found in the fish that was caught in waters off Fukushima Prefecture? 

2. According to the latest finding, what announcement did Tokyo dropped? 

3. What will South Korea's foreign ministry do?

2021-04-23 오후 2:24:30
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