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 1,500 Birds Invade House Through Chimney
 이** (jean)



It was a scene straight out of Hitchcock’s 1963 horror flick “The Birds” for one 

Torrance, California, homeowner, who says hundreds of birds flew into her home

through the chimney. “There were birds coming out of everywhere. It was insane,

” the homeowner said. It took them three whole days to remove more than 

1,500 birds by hand. The birds left quite a mess in their wake. Incredibly,

the same thing just happened 100 miles north in Montecito, but a steel grate

kept 1,000 birds out of the house. 



Reporter: Hundreds of birds swarm a house. Then they do something amazing,

they fly right into the chimney. It’s an invasion. This fireplace is where the birds

made entry into the home. They flew in by the hundreds and left a wave of 

chaos and destruction. Look there they're lining the windowsill with wings 

furiously flapping. They also attached themselves to the ceiling. 

Carrie: there were birds coming out of everywhere it was insane.

Reporter: Carrie lives in the home in Torrance California she says she called 

animal control but was told simply to leave her doors open.

But the birds wouldn't budge. 

Patrick: they were just bouncing off your head. 

Reporter: Patrick Belleville is Carrie's mom's boyfriend.

Patrick: as soon as I walked in the door I was looking for Alfred Hitchcock.

Reporter: it really was a lot like Hitchcock’s. 

The birds where the birds wreak havoc on a California seaside town.

Patrick: they were on the curtains I just grabbed them two at a time so

i had four took them to the door let them go. 

Reporter: it took Patrick three entire days to remove more than fifteen hundred

birds by hand. And they left quite a mess.

Carrie: up here on the very top there's still bird droppings there that 

we couldn't reach. 

Reporter: incredibly the same thing just happened 100 miles north in Montecito.

The same town where Oprah, Prince Harry and Meghan marble live.

Only a steel grate kept one thousand birds out of the house. 

Wildlife biologist and host of TV's Ocean Treks Jeff crowing. 

Jeff: this is the time when birds from around the world roost. 

And they roost in the homes where they want to begin their families. 

They’re just taking advantage of what they feel is good structure and 

away from predators.



1. What invaded a house in Torrence, Califoria? 

2. What was the scene look like? 

3. According to Jeff, what causes this phenomenon?

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