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 Super Submarines
 이** (jean)




Come with us as we explore an underwater world with Rabbit, Bird, and Mouse in this marine adventure all about submarines. Enjoy fun zippy wordplay, zappy art and as always a visual dictionary about the amazing machines.




hi kids welcome to the storytime family today we're going to be reading super submarines by Tony mitten and at Parker let's get started super submarines a submarines the kind of boat that dives beneath the sea below the waves is such a strange and wondrous place to be to travel down it pigs in water so it's tanks are full the weight of water gives the submarine a downward pull when it's on the water the propeller makes it go the harder plane can tilt the spirit up or down like so the rudder also spheres the sub and turns it left or right computers help to navigate down deep there's not much light the periscope can poke above the waves to peer round but further down the submarine depends on sonar sound the sonar sends a signal a special kind of bleep which bounces back to help them guess what's out there in the deep a submarine EADS crew to keep it running night and day the crew neat living quarters where they eat rest and play submersibles are different subs that probe the deepest ocean found that far it's still and dark there's hardly any motion but even there are submersibles discover deep-sea creatures which glow carry lanterns and have very funny features submersibles are used to rescue divers or Explorer they sometimes Salvage sunken wrecks upon the ocean floor they're used to service oil rigs lay cables in fix pipes their robot sums have cameras and arms of many types but look our sup is rising it's work below is done very soon the busy crew will see the sky and Sun as ballast tanks have emptied that pushed the water out the submarine is back and dump hooray this Taylor shout submarine bits hydroplane this tilts to scared-ass up up or down the periscope this used to see what is above the surface of the water the rudder this levels too scared a self from side to side robot sub this mini sub can it reach into small and tricky spaces submersibles this is a different kind of submarine that carries and controls two robot sub propellers this pushes the sub through the water the ends hope you enjoy super submarine don't forget to give us a like and subscribe see you again soon take care bye bye




1. What is a submarine? 

2. How does a submarine work in the water?

3. Do you like to travel in the ocean? Why or why not?

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