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 Together Trailer
 이** (jean)




A couple are forced to re-evaluate themselves and their relationship through the reality of lockdown. She is a charity worker, a coordinator for all of Europe at a refugee charity. She's the daughter of a dentist father and an `old socialist' mother and the only grandparent still around. He, meanwhile, is a self-employed, self-made man who runs a boutique computing consultancy.




They just announced the lockdown. We're getting through it. I hate your face. My face? I hate your face. Oh you hate my face. It’s just your face, I hate it. We should never got together in the first place. Madness. You know is this is it a lockdown phenomenon or other people experiencing this? There’s this particular mushroom and it's going to kill you. I would love to pick that mushroom and watch that bastard die. I mean not really. The only thing keeping us together is our child. Arthur. My first fair you gave me a great song. I didn't give them to you. Now I think you've got the same level of charm as diarrhea in a pint glass. I’m worried about mum. Little Artie he's only got one grandparent hospital was weird. It’s just, just trying to make sure that people don't die alone. Both my parents are dead. So, you know thank God. That’s really grim and I was thinking that as I was saying it's a bit grim. We need to get on. I hate you sometimes but I never despise you. I don't want to go back to normal running towards each other at the speed of light shout and get away from me. I just I can't do that anymore. We did it in the kitchen this morning. Over the dishwasher I mean that is unfathomable. I think there's this chance that we somehow ended up in this place that is the love that exists beyond hate it's unique. Did you hear that in a song or something? What we're doing doesn't mean nothing to me. Well I feel for you it's so weird. Are you trying to say you love me? I'm trying to say I sort of love you. I cried in the bath yesterday. The bath. 




1. What was the movie about? 

2. What makes the couple together? 

3. Why do they always fight? Do you think they'll have a happy ending?

2021-08-10 오후 2:56:06
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