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 Trying to get a Covid vaccine with needle phobia - BBC News
 이** (jean)




Adam wants to get his Covid vaccine - but an extreme fear of needles is holding him back. The 23-year-old says it's not the pain he's afraid of, but the thought of the injection itself - and the needle piercing his skin. 





A lot of people just say shut your eyes forget about it focus on something else. It doesn't work that way. It's far more severe than just a fear and an aversion to needles. It's a full-on the world is ending type of thing in that moment. Not be the last. We spent five hours. We went from being in a state of severe panic to being able to sit with a needle just a few inches away. They gave me time to adjust and let the anxiety levels drop. Especially with the younger generation we do have a lot of people that are worried and scared about needles. My advice to them is they can bring friends in with them, they can bring family members in with them, they can ask for a side room, and we…they can call up the vaccine sites beforehand just to get a little bit of an idea of what precautions what steps can be put in place to help them just so and the vaccine program is accessible to last up to all. Hours doing really, really well.




1. Who is Adam? What kind of dilemma does he have? 

2. Are you afraid of needles? How do you deal with this when you go to the doctor or dentist? 

3. What is your worst phobia? And how did you overcome it?

2021-08-11 오후 2:22:13
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