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 The Afghan minister who became a meal delivery driver in Germany
 이** (jean)





Once Afghan minister now a delivery guy. 




Syaed Sadaat used to be a communications minister in Afghanistan. After moving to Germany last year, he took a job delivering meals. Sayed Sadaat: It doesn’t matter, I was before a minister serving people and now I am a Lieferando courier driving Lieferandos services to people. It still is serving people. The number of Afghan asylum seekers in Germany has risen since the beginning of the year. As US troops withdraw, applications have increased more than 130%, official data shows but without German language skills, it is difficult to find a job in the country. Sadaat had struggled to find work that matched his experience and background. The 49-year-old now spends 4 hours every day learning German at a language school. He delivers meals on a 6-hours shift after that. Sayed Sadaat: If you have expenses, paying rent, and you need money for your food, accommodation, then you have to work and it doesn’t mean that once you a minister then you have to stay without work and do nothing. Sadaat says some back in Afghanistan have criticized him for working as a biker courier. Sayed Sadaat: My soul is happy and I have nothing to be feeling guilty- so an ordinary job I’m doing. And Also I encouraged all other politicians, they should take a step forward and should work after their retirement from job. They should start working in the community as normal people. 




1. What was Syaed Sadaat job in Afghanistan and what does he do now in Germany?

2. Why is it difficult for him to find a job in Germany? How does he spend his time every day?

3. How did he encourage politicians?

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