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 Last Tree in the City
 이** (jean)




Edward is sad after he finds the last tree in the city is no longer standing. After some reflection, he finds a way to make things better. A poignant tale about the environment and the way children relate to its beauty.



Last Tree in the City by Peter Carnivas. Edward lived in the city. It was a place of concrete and cars, a world without color. But Edward knew a part of the city that wasn't like the city at all. At the end of his street surrounded by buildings stood the last tree in the city. Edward would forget the concrete and the cars. He would forget the city altogether for a small moment every day Edward knew nothing but the tree. Then the day arrived when the tree was gone. Without the tree Edward’s days were empty. He had nowhere to go, but one day he started pedaling anyway. At the end of his street surrounded by old buildings something warmed his heart. A piece of the tree lay before him. There was color in its leaves. Edward tried to think of a place in the city to plant his tree. By the next morning he knew just what to do. [Music]Edward knew a part of the city that wasn't like the city at all and he carried it everywhere. Then something wonderful happened [Music] I hope you enjoyed that story if you would like to see these books uploaded daily go ahead and subscribe and don't forget to check out all the other stories that are already uploaded thank you so much for watching. 



1. Describe the city where Edward lived?

2. Why did Edward feel empty? 

3. What warmed Edwards’s heart? Through the pictures, what something wonderful happened at the end of the story?

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