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 Trial by Fire (2019)
 이** (jean)



Cameron Willingham, an auto mechanic, is convicted of the vicious murder of his three young children. However, on scrutiny, an investigator challenges the circumstances and demands a fair trial. 



Cameron Todd Willingham, you're guilty of capital murder by order of the state of Texas. You are sentenced to death. You are my first visitor in a long time. How long has it been? Eight years. Prisoners talk about doing time. On the row, there is no time. The clock stopped moving a minute we were sentenced. How about you tell me what happened? Daddy! Girl. Help me. Any man can’t save his own kids. I don’t deserve to live, but I did not kill my own children, Elizabeth. I love them more than my life itself. I found myself talking to a vulnerable sensitive man. I believe the state of Texas is about to kill an innocent man. You failed to challenge witnesses that changed their story. He had the motive, which means that boy is a monster and he will die. His lawyer decided Todd was guilty from the get- go. He failed to find a single scientific expert. It doesn’t means his innocent. Don’t let your emotions get the better. My emotions, what? Cuz I’m a woman? Right, I’m gonna go finish you’re your job for you. You ever read man’s search for meaning who says to live is to suffer and to survive. You got to find meaning in the suffering. I want live that’s why we're not gonna give up. Why do you think Todd Willingham confessed to you? I suppose talk about this stuff. Do not to talk about it to the district attorney. They are gonna kill an innocent person. I got a gun. Get out of here. These so - called experts didn't even bother to check the space heater. There’s no person. There’s no crime. It ain't gonna make no difference as I’m not here to be safe. I am here to die. But chance we caught, honestly. You think this is just about tar? System doesn't work. It's broken. These are my last days. If I start hoping, he’s gonna go by just like that. I understand but I'm open. 



1. What crime was Cameron Todd Willingham wrongfully accused of? 

2. He is sentenced to what?

3. What happened in the state of Texas?

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