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 A Big Guy Took My Ball
 이** (jean)



Piggy is devastated when a big guy takes her ball! Gerald is big, too...but is he big enough to help his best friend?



A big Guy Took My Ball! An Elephant and Piggy book by Moe Willems. Gerald! I found a big ball, and it was so fun! And then a big guy came- and- and- and- HE TOOK MY BALL! I am so upset...hmm. That is not good. That is not right! Big guys have all the fun! What about the little guys!?What makes those big guys think they are so big?! Their size? WELL, I AM BIG TOO! I will get your ball from that big guy! My hero! Here I go! Let's see how big this "big guy" is! Did you get my ball back? That is a BIG guy. He is. Much smaller. He is so BIGGY- BIG- BIG- Gerald. You did not get my ball back, did you...I did not. EXCUSE ME! THANK YOU FOR FINDING MY LITTLE BALL. That is your ball? And you think it is little? WELL, I AM BIG. SO BIG NO ONE WILL PLAY WITH ME? LITTLE GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN. Um... Big Guy! Would you like to play "Whale Ball" with us? WHAT IS " WHALE BALL"? We do not know! We have not made it up yet! With a little help, we can all have BIG FUN! 



1. Why is Piggy upset? Who helped piggy find its ball?

2. Who is the “big guy”? 

3. What is the moral lesson of the story?

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