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In November, the air grows cold and the earth and all of its creatures prepare for winter. Animals seek food and shelter, and people gather together to celebrate their blessings with family and friends. Curl up with your loved ones and enjoy the sights, sounds, scents, and traditions of this very special time of year. 



Well, hello there! It's Ani. I'm so happy you came to see me. Are you ready for a story? Today we're going to read In November. If you have a copy go get it. So you can read along with me. In November by Cynthia Ryl and illustrated by Jill Costner. In November the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets. In November the trees are standing all sticks and bones. Without their leaves, how lovely they are, spreading their arms like dancers. They know it is time to be still. In November, some birds move away and some birds stay. The air is full of goodbyes and well-wishes. The birds who are leaving look very serious. No silly spring chirping now. They have long journeys and must watch where they are going. The staying birds are serious, too, for cold times lie ahead. Hard times. All berries will be treasures. In November, animals sleep more. The air is chilly and they shiver. Cats pile up in the corners of barns. Mice pile up under logs. Bees pile up in deep earthy holes. And dogs lie before the fire. In November, the smell of food is different it is an orange smell. A squash and a pumpkin smell. It tastes like cinnamon and can fill up a house in the morning, can pull everyone from bed in a fog. Food is better in November than any other time of the year. In November people are good to each other. They carry pies to each other's homes and talk by crackling wood stoves sipping mellow cider. They travel very far on a special November day just to share a meal with one another and to give thanks for their many blessings- for the food on their tables and the babies in their arms. And then they travel back home. In November, at winter’s gate the stars are brittle. The Sun is a sometime friend. And the world has tucked her children in, with a kiss on their heads till spring. There are so many wonderful changes that happen all around us in the month of November. What are some of your favorite things about November? Be sure to write them in the comment section below. I would love to read them. I hope you enjoyed our story. Thank you for watching. See you next time. If you liked this video and want to see more. Be sure to subscribe and leave me a comment to let me know what your favorite books are. 



1. How are trees in November? 

2. Describe different animals in November.

3. What do people do in November?

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