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 McDonald's Korea suffers from a lettuce shortage
 이** (jean)



Can you imagine eating a burger without lettuce?



He Min Chang: Can you imagine eating a burger without lettuce? This is a reality McDonald’s Korea is facing due to a leather shortage. The company announced that some burgers will be served with less or without any lettuce and that it will be compensated with a free drink coupon. They added that the lettuce demand and supply were unstable due to the sudden cold wave and rainy season that hit the nation this month. However other burger franchises are said to be serving lettuce. To find out if this is true we ordered burgers for McDonald’s and Burger King. Okay so let's open the burgers. So, as you can see there's little to no lettuce in the burger from McDonald’s. However, in Burger Kings we can clearly see the lettuce. In the McDonald's burger, it came with this announced by paper and this coffee coupon as a compensation for the lack of lettuce. McDonald's Korea receives about 4.000 tons of lettuce from farms in Gangwondo. But more than half of the field that should be green, turned brown. A farmer from Gangwondo, said that this is the worst damage in more than 10 years and that the leaves of the lettuce were yellow and their roots were rotten. As a result, lettuce has disappeared from the McDonald's menus leading to complaints from consumers. It is not the first time McDonald's faced an ingredient shortage. Last month, they experienced a shortage of French fries. In this case, the company said in an announcement, that instead of French fries you can choose between Mcnuggets or cheesesteaks. McDonald said that they're doing their best to normalize supply of lettuce as soon as possible. 



1. Why is the demand for lettuce is unstable? 2. Make a comparison between McDonald’s and Burger King burgers? 

3. What compensation is given for the lack of lettuce at McDonalds?

2021-11-04 오후 12:25:50
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