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 Why We Stay Home: Suzie Learns about Coronavirus
 이** (jean)



Two young people of color discussing the importance of staying home during the pandemic. 



Hello, my reading friends. It’s Ani! Today's shootouts go to Ethan and Henry in Fort Worth Texas. Rosemary in Indiana. Eli in Aberdeen Maryland Olivia in California and Bonnie and Mica in England. Hello to you all! I just love a story well today. We have a very timely book that was sent to me by the authors. They're studying to be doctors and we're going to learn all about coronavirus and the really great thing is that, you can download the book for free online. I'm gonna put a link in the description section below. So, your mom or dad can download the book and we can read it together. So, go get your copy and let’s read why we stay home. Why we stay home. Susie learns about coronavirus written by Samantha Harris and Devon Scott Illustrated by Harriet Road’s “Millie, are you awake?" Suzie asked. Susie was having a hard time sleeping, so she figured she would see if her older sister was still awake. “I am now." Millie responded, "what do you want Suzie?" “I was just thinking how happy I am at me, you, Mommy and Daddy have been staying home together. It's fun." Suzie replied. “Yes it is nice having Mommy and Daddy home with us Suzie... “Millie responded.” But we have to make sure that we remember the reason that we are all home right now. "Yes I know Millie. Because of coronavirus... but what is coronavirus anyway?" asked Suzie. "Coronavirus is a virus. A virus is a really small germ that you cannot see. There are other kinds of germs too, like bacteria and fungi." "Germs are everywhere. Our bodies, chairs we sit on, even the door handle to your favorite ice-cream parlor." "Some germs are good, some are bad, and some don't really do anything." “The coronavirus is a bad germ, and it can make some people really sick. Some of the people at greatest risk of getting sick are Grandma and Grandpa, and Mr. Jones, our neighbor whose body has a hard time fighting off germs. So everyone has been staying home to make sure we don't spread coronavirus to them. This is what quarantine means." “Some signs that someone is sick with coronavirus or cough, fever, and sore throat." "We can do our part by preventing the spread of corona virus by washing our hands, wearing a mask when we go to the grocery store, and standing 6 feet apart while we wait in line. This is called social distancing." "Oh I see." says Suzie. "But Milly since we've been at home, I've really missed my friend Alex from school." "I understand Suzie. It can be very hard not to see friends and family that don't live with us... but there are still ways that we can say hello to them. We can video chat with them on Mommy's computer, we can call them on the phone, and we can also send them." Messages to check on them "Some people do not have mommies and daddies. Or even sisters with them and they are alone in quarantine. So it is important that we check on them." "I understand Milly." "But Milly..." Suzie replies. “Is this how it is going to be from now on?" “No Suzy, it will get better. We just have to keep sticking together." It's nice to know the reasons why we need to keep ourselves and others safe during the quarantine. I hope that you are all staying safe because I care about each one of you. I hope you enjoyed our story today. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on all my latest videos. See you next time! 



1. Why is Suzie happy? 

2. What is Corona virus? What are signs that someone is sick with coronavirus? 

3. Enumerate how we can prevent the spread of corona virus.

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