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 이** (jean)




A mysterious woman recruits bank teller Dieter to assist in a heist of impossible-to-crack safes across Europe. 



Ready, set and crack! - Ludwig Dieter. Safe cracker extraordinaire. - Ladies and gentlemen, your winner. - We’ve been watching you. - I belong to a crew that executes international bank heists and we want to recruit you. - Why me? I am not criminal. - The worlds distracted. This window of opportunity isn’t just our only chance, it’s yours. - My one chance for what? - A life less ordinary. I’d like you to meet the team. Korina, our master hacker. Rolph, our getaway driver. And last but not the least, our very own real life action hero, Mr. Brad Cage. - So is it like in a movie film, where each one of us has a different skill set and it’s only working together that we can pull off that which needs the pulling off? - Yes, it’s exactly like that. - We’ve assembled from various sources, the location of the three safes. The Rheingold, the Valkyrie, the Siegfried. All of them are under the ownership of infamous billionaire, Bly Tanaka. - No. - Yes, many .Hundreds. I did it. - Oh, you did it! - Were gonna catch them. - Thank you very much. - (Police Officer) Go, go, go. - Lets move. - This is about becoming legends. - What are you doing? - I’m warming up my instruments. 



1. Who is Ludwig Dieter? 

2. Who are the team members of international bank heist?

3. What does Dieter denote to “I’m warming up my instruments?”

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