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  Hero Dad
 이** (jean)



Some superheroes have capes & cool gadgets. But this hero wears camo, drives a tank & makes the world safer. A proud kid celebrates his Army Soldier Dad 



Hero Dad by Melinda Harding Illustrated by Brian Lando My dad is a superhero. He doesn't wear rocket- propelled boots- he wears Army boots. He can't fly well sometimes he can. Have X-ray vision he has night vision. He doesn't drive a super- powered car- he drives a tank. He doesn't wear a cloak that makes him invisible- he wears camouflage. He doesn't carry a laser gun- he carries a rifle. He doesn't have a sidekick - he has a platoon. Sometimes he has to go away for long trips but that's what superheroes have to do. My dad is an American soldier. My dad is a hero, my superhero.



1. What is his father’s job? Detail an American soldier’s job? 

2. How did the kid describe his dad?

3. Do you consider your dad your hero? Why?

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