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 The dress unifying women around the world
 이** (jean)



The Red Dress is a global collaborative embroidery project that took 11 years to complete. Artist, Kirstie Macleod started the project to gather women’s voices from around the world in one art project. 234 women and 5 men from around the globe took part in the project, each embroidering a part of the dress with an image that represented them. 



Kirstie Macleaod: The red dress is a global collaborative embroidery project. That, has taken 11 years to complete. It's also a platform onto which women's voices can be shared and heard. Blanka Kolkova: When I see it for the first time and when I found out that so many women from around the whole world have been working on it. My first image was like in my head was oh this is pure sisterhood. There is an African woman which embroidered on it. An Asian woman and we are all on one piece of garment and that's I think the connection is the unique thing on it. Kirstie Macleaod: The frustration that used to bring up in me seeing again and again and again you know the journey of the woman I think a lot of women haven't felt empowered for a long time. I wanted to do something, which would enable you know people to share things perhaps that they couldn't in other ways. Catalina Sanchez: I thought, I like how can tell something out my country so I thought well birds and plants. So, that's when I draw the tucum and the hibiscus. But then something happened in my country. It was a car bomb and exploded in Bogota in the police academy. And for me, it shook me and it was like okay. I’m not done with the piece and then I wrote hope because at the end is like what we have left Kirstie Macleaod: I just can't wait for people to see to see the dress. It’s one garment it's one piece and yet you know it shows just complete unity.



1. How long does the red dress to complete? 2. Who started the project? 

3. How many people around the world took part in the project?

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