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 The Day I Met My Shadow
 이** (jean)



A boy goes to play outside and he finds a strange, dark, suspicious spot who does everything he does and grows larger every time he backs up. He can’t get rid of it no matter what he does, unless the sun hides behind the clouds. Is this spot a person? Wait, his sister has one too! 



Hi guys welcome to the story time family. Today, we have the day I Met My Shadow. Written and illustrated by Melissa Lebrun. Let's check it out. I went outside to play one day and brought along my sidewalk chalk. When I crouched down to start my drawing, I was alarmed at what I saw! A dark suspicious spot lay flat upon the ground sprawled out right in front of me in a lumpy odd-shaped mound. I stood up feeling frightened then I backed up really slow. To my surprise, the spot stood up too and began to grow! Each step that I took backwards the bigger the spot grew. My heart started beating faster. I didn't know what to do! I tried to run away from it while screaming really LOUD!!Suddenly it disappeared when the Sun hid behind the clouds. Just then I decided to give up. I noticed something strange. When I threw my hands up in defeat, the spot did exactly the same! How freaky is that right. When I went left. He went left When I went right so did he. No matter which way I went, he just kept following me! Wait a minute... he has arms and legs? He has a head just like I do? The spot is a person? A PERSON! How can this be true? "Hello are you okay?" I asked and then I tried to help him up. But no matter how much I tugged and pulled, he just remained there STUCK! Just remained there stuck just then my sister came outside wondering why though confused. "Where did she come from?" I asked, pointing to the girl stuck to her shoes. "That's my shadow silly, look you have one too! It happens when an object blocks the light from passing through!" "This is my shadow?" I said excitedly as I waved my arms around. Then together we made shadow puppets until the sun went down. Whose shadow is this? Can you tell? And that was the end of the day I met my shadow. Did you learn anything from this book?



1. What strange, dark, suspicious spot made the boy frightened?

2. In what circumstances his shadow does everything he does? 

3. How does shadow occur according to her sister?

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