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 Mercedes Benz How To - Hey Mertcedes

01 | 원문
Mercedes-Benz How To: "Hey Mercedes".

The all-new Mercedez Benz A-class is equipped with the latest MBUX system which acts like your own personal assistant. Using the MBUX function you can perform a number of tasks using simple voice requests.
If you want to set a navigation destination, it’s as easy as saying “Hey Mercedes” and where you want to go.
“Hey Mercedes!”
“How can I help you?”
“Navigate to 44 Lexia Place Melbourne.”
“I’m starting route guidance to Melbourne Lexia Place 44.”

You can also set a point of interest as your destination.
“Hey Mercedes, navigate to the MCG.”
“The route to MCG Melbourne Jolimont is being calculated.”

It’s just as easy to change the display.
“Hey Mercedes, change to 3D map view.”
“Displaying map in 3D.”

You can also select how you want to get there via the fastest, shortest, most dynamic or most economical route.
“Hey Mercedes, set fastest route.”
“Fastest route selected. Restart route guidance.”

If your phone is paired to the vehicle, use your voice to call anyone whose name appears in your phone list.
“Hey Mercedes, call mom.”
“Calling mom on the mobile phone.”
Or you can directly dial phone number simply by reading out the digits.

If you’re listening to the radio, tell Mercedes when you want to change the station.
“Hey Mercedes, play radio station Kiss FM.”

Mercedes can also provide key information. You can ask for the time or date or important details about your drive.  
“Hey Mercedes”
“How can I help you?”
“What’s my range?”
“You can still drive 370 kilometers.”
“Hey Mercedes, what’s the speed limit?”
“The current speed limit is 40 km/h.”
Using the Mercedes Benz MBUX system makes it easy and intuitive to interact with your vehicle. Just say “Her Mercedes” and follow these tips to try that out for yourself.

02 | 단어&표현
* likely : ~할 공산이 있는, ~할것 같은, 그럴듯한
* personlyity : 성격, 인격, (매력적이고 흥미로운)개성
* function : (사람사물의)기능
* navigate : (지도 등을 보며)길을찾다
* route : (한곳에서 다른곳으로 가기 위해 따라가는)길
* calculated : 계산된, 계획적인
* direction : (위치,이동의) 방향
* numerous : 많은

03 | 해설
자동차회사 메르세데스벤츠에서 차량에 새로운 인공지능 기능을 첨부하고, 사용하는 방법을 설명해주는 영상입니다.
영상의 제목대로 "하이 메르세데스"~
어떤 새로운 기능이 차량에 적용되었는지는 영상을 통해서 같이 확인해 보시죠.

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