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 Gold medal
 황정현(skype) ()

At my school in Gade 5, we collect the stars, We get stars when, we finish our homwork or thoughtful. we only collect stars every Friday. At Friday, somebody that has a lot of stars then that person gets the Gold medal. But today I got the Gold medal, Because In these week Friday, star counters came and collect, I was in the first place, and I got Gold medal . More surprised thing is the person who gets 33stars It was a record 1week ago, But these week, I gets 35stars!!!. That is because of I do a lot of homework and be kind to our classmates and teacher. I was so excited, when I see my mom , my mom says 'great job!!!' When I was heard that great compliment, I was so~~happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
2021-04-10 오후 10:08:34