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 Palm Springs
 이** (jean)



When carefree Nyles (Andy Samberg) and reluctant maid of honor Sarah 

(Cristin Milioti) have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding,

things get complicated when they find themselves unable to escape the venue,

themselves, or each other. 



Man: It's gonna be a beautiful wedding! 

Nyles: Here you are, standing on the precipice of something so much bigger 

than anyone here. But always remember: you are not alone. 

Sarah: I don't think that we met, I'm Sarah.

Nyles: Nyles. - Hi. - Hi. Sarah: Nice. Ahhhhhh! 

Nyles: Ahhhhh! 

Sarah: What the fuck is happening!? 

Masked Man:Run, rabbit, run! 

Sarah: Nyles? Nyles: Don't come in here! Sarah: What the... 

Man: It's gonna be a beautiful wedding! Jerry:Good day so far? 

Nyles: Today, tomorrow, it's all the same. 

Sarah: You! What is going on? Hey! Get out of the water!

Nyles: Guess you followed me. 

It's one of those infinite time loop situations you might've heard about. 

Sarah: That I might've heard about? 

Nyles: Yeah... The second you fall asleep, it all just goes back to the start. 

Sarah: I drove all the way back home to Austin and I still woke up here. 

Nyles: One time, I smoked a bunch of crystal and made it all the way to 

Equatorial Guinea. It was a huge waste of time. 

Sarah: Well then what's the point of living?

Nyles: We kind of have no choice but to live? 

Sarah: No, I'm gonna get out of this. 

Nyles: Suit yourself. See you tomorrow. 

Sarah: So now what do we do? 

Nyles: You just have to embrace the fact that nothing matters. 

Sarah: Do you sleep with people in here? 

Nyles: Great question. I have, but it takes a lot of work. May I cut in? 

Groom: It's the first dance.

Nyles: And that's a deal-breaker? 

Sarah: And that didn't work? Let's waste some time.

Nyles: This is crazy! 

Roy: You want to, uh, dance? You know the officiant? 

He's got a bag of "sweets" in his pocket.

Nyles: You were right! Got 'em! 

Sarah: I can't keep waking up in here. 

Everything that we are doing is meaningless. 

Nyles: I hope it's not all meaningless.

Roy: At least you have each other. 

Nothing worse than going through this shit alone.

Nyles: Stop! There's a bomb in the cake! Don't worry, 

I used to be a bomb guy.Stand back! 

Woman: Oh my God! 

Man: It's gonna be a beautiful wedding! 



1. How did Nyles and Sarah meet?

2. What happened when Sarah followed Nyles to the strange spring? 

3. If you could wake up in the same day every day, 

    how would you spend your time?

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