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 이** (jean)



Penelope Rex is nervous about her first day of school. 

What will her classmates be like? Will she make any friends?

How many teeth will they have? Let's find out the answers as we read together today! 



Hello, my reading friends! It's Ani. Today's shoutouts go to Anders of Peda, 

Lydia Posie, Sophia in Jamaica, and Reihana in Brisbane Australia.

Hello, my friends around the world. I'm so glad that you're all a part of my reading 

family. Are you ready for a story? Well today, we're gonna meet a little dinosaur

who's nervous about her first day of school. Will she make some new friends? 

Let's find out as we read. We don't eat our classmates if you have a copy.

Go get it. So, you can read with me.

We don't eat our classmates by Ryan T. Higgins. Penelope Rex was nervous.

It's not ever day a little t-rex starts school. What do my classmates going to

be like? Will they be nice? How many teeth will they have? This was very

important. Penelope's mom bought her a new backpack with ponies on it.

Ponies were Penelope's favorite. Because ponies are delicious. Penelope's 

dad packed her a lunch of 300 tuna sandwiches and one apple juice.

Finally, the big day came, and Penelope Rex was very surprised to find out

that all of her classmates were children! So she ate them. Because children

are delicious. "Penelope Rex!" said Mrs. Needleman. We don't eat our 

classmates! Please spit them out at once! So she did! It was not the best 

way to start school. Still, Penelope was determined to have a good first day.

She tried hard to make friends at recess. She finger-painted some of her

best work. She even saved Griffon Emory a seat at lunch. Penelope started

to notice everyone was making friends but her it was lonely. When she got

home, her dad asked her about her first day of school. "I didn't make any

friends!" Penelope cried. None of the children wanted to play with me! 

"Penelope Rex," her father asked. Did you eat your classmates? 

Well... maybe a little bit. "Sometimes it's hard to make friends," 

said her dad. Especially if you eat them. You see, Penelope, children are

just the same as us on the inside just tastier. That gave Penelope a lot

to think about. The next day Penelope tried really hard. But poor Penelope.

She could not stop herself from eating her classmates. Mrs. Noodleman,

Penelope are William Omoto again! And they were all afraid of her.

Ah! Except Walter. Walter was a goldfish. So Penelope tried to make friends

with him. Will you be my friend? CHOMP! "EEEEEEEEE!" cried Penelope.

He's eating my finger! WAAAAAHHHHH! Once Penelope found out what it 

was like to be someone snack, she lost her appetite for children.

She stopped eating her classmates. Eve when Cece Woodman spilled 

barbecue sauce all over herself. And soon, Penelope made friends!

Found you! What a brownie? I helped make them. Now, even when children

look especially delicious, she peeks at Walter and remembers what it's like 

when someone tries to eat you. And Walter, the goldfish, stares right back 

at her and licks his lips. Huh?! Because dinosaurs are delicious. Penelope 

found out that if you want to make friends you have to be nice, and definitely

don't eat them. I hope you enjoyed our story today, and don't forget to 

subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on all my latest videos.

See you next time. 



1. Who is Penelope Rex? Describe her. 

2. How come Penelope's classmates are afraid of her?

3. What lesson can you learn from the story?

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