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 Agent 327 Operation Barbershop
 이** (jean)



Hendrik IJzerbroot "Agent 327" is a secret agent working for the Netherlands 

secret service agency. In the twenty comic books that were published

since 1968, Martin Lodewijk created a rich universe with international 

conspiracies, hilarious characters and a healthy dose of Dutch humour.



This is 327, I'm going in. Good luck, Agent!

Hello! I was just...admiring the art! Haircut? 

Please! Such a lovely place you've got here.

Is it usually this empty? Just a trim, please! Boris... Agent 327! 

Chief, do you copy? I need backup! What are you doing?

No! I just wanted a haircut! Looks like we found our next recruit...

Doctor, carry on with the procedure We have to make room for Agent 327!



1. What comes yo mind when you hear the word "agent?"

2. Discuss who Hendrik IJzerbroot. 

3. Would you also want to be a secret agent? Why or why not?

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