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 La Luna
 이** (jean)



Little Bambino is excited when his father and grandfather decide to teach him 

their family vocation and take him to work with them. But soon his excitement

turns into confusion and conflict. 



La Luna One quiet, starry night, a boy set out to see in a little boat called La Luna.

His papa and grandpa were taking him to work with them for the very first time. 

When they were far, far from shore, they took up the oars. The men folded their 

arms and waited. The boy folded his arms and waited, too. Then, with only

a glimmer's warning, the moon rose from the sea. The boy had never seen such 

a moon, so big and round and bright. The boy's papa passed him an anchor. 

Then he raised a ladder up to the sky. "Climb!" he said. Step by step by step

the boy bravely climbed until he reached the moon. It was so close he could 

almost grab it. Instead, the moon grabbed him! Thwump! He landed. He opened 

his eyes and saw stars! They covered the moon like pebbles on a beach, 

each one glowing with its own soft light. The boy turned to cast off the anchor 

but the sea was high above him now. The La Luna floated on its upside down 

waves. So he anchored the boat to the moon instead. Whoosh! Suddenly, 

a star dropped from the sky, landing right next to the boy. Carefully, he touched it.

Ping! The stars sang back. What magnificent things these stars were! 

So bright they lit up the whole moon. When the men arrived, they got to work 

sweeping up the fallen stars. Their job was to tidy up the moon. "push" "push" 

"pull" "pull" "you must do it this way," papa told the boy. "Bah!" said grandpa.

"Do it like this see?" they argued back and forth until suddenly the ground began 

to tremble. A massive star crashed into the moon and there it stuck! "We must

pull it down." declared papa. "No we must dig it up," argued grandpa. As they 

struggled, the boy studied the star. Carefully, he touched it, and the star sang 

back - Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! A wave of sounds rippled up to the top. 

That gave the boy an idea. He scampered up to the star, and with a little hammer

he gave it a tiny tap! "Eh?" "Ah!" hundreds of stars rained down upon them. 

Clever boy! The three worked together to sweep up the stars, each in his own

way. And in no time at all, the work was done. Soon it was time to go home. 

They pulled down the anchor and paused to take one last look at the moon. 

For once papa and grandpa both agreed. "Good job," they said "good job, son!"



1. What is the name of the little boat?

2. How did the boy get to the moon? What's the moon covered with?

3. Why are Papa and Grandpa arguing? What clever idea did the boy do?

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