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 Bootleggers Whisky Stash Found by Couple Renovating House
 이** (jean)



A New York couple was renovating an old house when they found more 

than 60 bottles of whiskey from the prohibition era. Nick Drummond and 

Patrick Bakker found the alcohol inside the walls and under the floorboards.

Lift off the cover, and there’s banned booze straight out of the roaring twenties.

The stash had been hidden there for nearly a hundred years. Many of the bottles

were bundled together and wrapped in brown paper and straw. 



Reporter: It's a secret treasure hidden under a house, for almost a hundred years. 

Nick Drummond: We were always told that our house was built by a bootlegger 

and now, we actually have some proof.

Reporter: Inside the walls and under the floorboards, is a stash of bottles from the 

prohibition era of the roaring 20s.

Nick Drummond: It's kind of interesting how they're packed.

Reporter: Many of the bottles were bundled together and wrapped in brown paper 

and straw. Lift off the cover and there's band booze straight out of the gangster

Al Capone era. 

Nick Drummond: This rapper encloses a battle of the finest scouts whiskey procurable.

Reporter: Check out the label old smuggler. 

Allison Hall: 1923.

Nick Drummond: I know it's pretty amazing.

Allison Hall: That is so cool.

Nick Drummond: Ready to come down? Allison Hall: oh yeah okay sure!

Reporter: Today inside edition reporter, Allison Hall went into the crawl space with the

homeowners and found even more bottles!

Allison Hall: Check it out. look at the cork!

Reporter: Come of the hard liquor has evaporated over the decades.

Nick Drummond: I think the ones stored on their side, do not do well.

Reporter: But there's still a lot left.

Nick Drummond: Oh my god! It's the upright ones. That are actually the ones that 

seem to survive.

Reporter: Nick Drummond and Patrick Bonker bought the fixer-upper in the tiny village

of Ames New York. Population just 140. Intrigued by the house's history,

they did some research and say they found that the original owner was a local 

bootlegger, Adolph Count Cumphrey.

Nick Drummond: He sort of died unexpectedly in our living room leaving behind a huge

fortune. Let's give this a go.

Reporter: Now, it's time for a taste test. Nick and Patrick uncorked a bottle.

Allison Hall: Not bad. It doesn't you know what it's pretty smooth. cheers cheers! 



1. What did the New York couple found in their house? 

2. Who was the original owner of the house. Which era has the house been built?

3. How does the booze tasted like when they tried it?

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