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 Did You Eat the Parakeet? A tale about a missing parakeet! Or is it really?!
 이** (jean)



When a little girl couldn’t find her pet parakeet, she was sure her kitty had eaten it. 



Hey there! Welcome back to the storytime family. How are you today? 

How was your school? Did you get to play outside? It's so sunny here.

Just Beautiful day. I hope you are having a good day like I am and reading lots of

books on your own. Today we have, "Did You Eat the Parakeet?" by Mark Iacolina.

Want to have a look? Let's do that. Did You Eat the Parakeet? Did you eat the

parakeet? He was right there on his tiny seat. He was singing a tune just an hour 

ago. Did you eat him? I want to know! Did you eat the parakeet? Did he become 

a tasty treat? You usually play so nicely together. Now all that's left is this single

feather. Did you eat the parakeet? Did you laught and say Bon appetit? He was 

such a snall and scrawny bird. To eat him would be absurd! Did you eat the

parakeet? His head? His beak? His wings? His feet? He was quite the dashing

handsome fellow. Minty green, with a touch of yellow. Did you eat the parakeet?

You did not eat the parakeet! He did not become a tasty treat! You did not 

enjoy a bird buffet, a budgie brulee, or a feathered flambe! I am sorry for getting

so carried away. But wait... I haven't seen the mouse all day! Did you like,

Did You Eat the Parakeet? It's pretty cute, right? I know. If you enjoy this story,

do give us a like and subscribe and click on the bell for more stories like this.

If you liked own a copy of this book, the links are in our description below.

You take good care of yourself. Now see you back here, soon. Bye!



1. What is a parakeet? 

2. Did the kitten eat the parakeet? Why or why not?

3. What have you learned from today's story?

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