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 TOM & JERRY (2021)
 이** (jean)



A disowned Tom gets kicked out by his owners along with his longtime rival Jerry, 

who has now been left without a source of food. Now homeless, the cat and 

mouse duo are left wandering in the streets and decide to call a truce to their

rivalry then go their separate ways and have a fresh start in their lives. 



Afyer a life time of being the world’s most famous enemies, Tom and Jerry are 

about to start over.. in a big city. This city has been host to four presidents, 

three popes, two kings, and er’re about to host the weddng of the century.

Do you think you’re qualified to take on this position? I shine under pressure

like a diamond or Rihanna. One of the things, we have a mouse problem . 

With the... what now? I’ll catch it, sir. Oh, wow! This is so detaied. We could

hire an exterminator or we can leverage millions of years of predatory evolution.

If a picture of these mouses tweet it up to insta book face or tiki talk, we will

be ruined. No, sir. That’s not gonna happen. That rodent is toast. I will not let 

this hotel be ruined by a cat and a mouse. He’s dying wth us. I think I might 

have just pulled this off. Really? Oh! 



1. Who are Tom and Jerry? 

2. Where does Jerry newly reside? Talk about the problem Jerry faces

    in his new residence.

3. Discuss who Kayla is. How come her career is threatened to destroy

    by the cat-and-mouse slapstick battle?

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