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 Biden to sign 'Buy American' plan, end transgender military ban on Monday
 이** (jean)




The president will sign executive orders that will lift the ban on transgender 

people serving in the military as well as a "Made in America" order to increase

federal spending going to U.S. companies. 




President Biden is pushing hard on a number odf fronts, as he enters his first

full week as president. He's going to sign more executive orders today including 

a new Buy America Plan, senior white house correspondent Mary Bruce has the 

details. Good morning, Mary! Good morning, George! While president Biden is 

continuing his blitz of executive actions. Today he'll try to fulfill that campaign

promise by signing an order encouraging the federal government to quote 

'Buy America and purchase goods and services from US copmpanies'. 

Now the law already requires this but businesses have been frustrated by

loopholes and waivers that still exist. This order os going to try and clamp 

down on all of that. And, we've also learned from sources that the preident

today will be signing an executive order lifting the Pentagon's ban on 

transgender people serving in the military that controversial policy that president

Trump put in place a few years ago. Biden has long supported reversing this 

and we've learned that the new defense secretary Lloyd Austin who of course

also supports this will be on hand for the signing, George. And Mary,

The president is getting some pushback on his coveted relief plan from republican

saying it's just too big. Yeah George, he's running into some road blocks on 

the hill already. The president has been adament that he wants bipartisan 

support from this. But republicans and even some democrats are balking at that 

nearly two trillion dollar price tag. even more moderate members like Susan 

Collins and MItt Romney say, it's just too big especially since they just passed 

this 900 billon dollar package last month and much of that has yet to be spent.

But Biden has to walk a very fine line here. If he give republicans too many 

concessions well that could put some democrats and with that near even split

in the senate. Biden has very, very little wiggle room here, George. Mary Bruce,

thank you very much. 



1. State your knowledge regarding the newly elected president of America.

2. What are Biden's plans for his first week as a president?

3. What are the biggest challenges Joe Biden will face if and when he becomes president?

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