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 Little Cloud by Eric Carle
 이** (jean)



Little Cloud likes to stand out from the crowd. When all the other clouds drift up, 

he goes his own way, changing shapes to become a sheep, an airplane, 

a shark and a funny clown. 



Little Cloud by Eric Carle The clouds drifted slowly across the sky.

Little Cloud trailed behind. The clouds pushed upward and away. 

Little Cloud pushed downward and touched the tops of the houses and trees.

The clouds moved out of sight.Little Cloud changed into a giant cloud.

Little Cloud changed into a sheep. Sheep and clouds sometimes look alike.

Little Cloud changed into an airplane. Little Cloud often saw airplanes flying 

through the clouds. Little Cloud changed into a shark. Little Cloud once saw 

a shark through the waves of the ocean. Little Cloud changed into two trees.

Little Cloud liked the way trees never moved and stayed in one place. 

Little Cloud changed into a rabbit. Little Cloud loved to watch rabbits dash 

across the meadows. Then Little Cloud changed into a hat because. 

Little Cloud changed into a cloud and needed a hat. The other clouds 

drifted back. They huddled close together. Clouds: Little Cloud, Little 

Cloud Narrator: They called Clouds: Come back Little Cloud drifted toward

the clouds. Then all the clouds changed into one big cloud and rained! The end. 



1. Where is Little Cloud? 

2. What has Little Cloud changed into?

3. Where does the rain come from?

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