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 [Diary of a wimpy kid, 다이어로 오브 어 윔피 키드] check it out
 황** (jenny)




* check it out

잘 들어 봐, 이거 봐, 확인하다, 점검하다


I realized Rowley's injury thing was a pretty good racket


- Hey, guys. Check it out.


- Oh, my gosh, what happened?


- It's a raging infection caused by a splinter that was left untreated


Want to be the first to sign my sympathy sheet?


- Ah.. no


- I'll sign it, Greg Heffley, if you'd let me look at your infection


- And on the X-ray, you could see where the bone just snapped right in half


- I had the exact same break last year, and it got all purple!


- Cool! Mine, too!


- Hey, Gregory, want to sign the card?


- You got Rowley a card?


- What? No, it's for Bryan Little


You know, the guy who writes the Wacky Dawg cartoons for the school paper?


He has mono and he's going to be out for three months


- That really stinks


So, just out of curiosity, who's gonna do the cartoon?


- They're having tryouts, but the important thing is Bryan gets better


- Absolutely 


* check it out

잘 들어 봐, 이거 봐, 확인하다, 점검하다 



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