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 [Diary of a wimpy kid, 다이어리 오브 어 윔피 키드] spit on
 황** (jenny)



* spit on

…에 침을 뱉다

- I just took a call from a Mrs. Irvine about 


what happened to the kindergarteners last week 


She was very upset, and so am I 


- What? 


- You violated the sacred trust  




This badge is supposed to mean something 


and you just spat on it 


I can barely even look at you 


- I really don't... 


- Just save it 


You are officially suspended from Safety Patrol 


And I expect a full apology to the kindergarteners 


- Yes, sir 


- Hey, what did he have to say? 


- I'm kicked off 


I don't even know what he's talking about 


- Rowley? 


- What? 


- Nothing


* spit on

…에 침을 뱉다



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